Green Building

We specialize in building new homes in Corpus Christi. We implement the most cost-effective green building practices into new home construction. This begins with up-front planning to examine the whole house and the building science behind it.

With a focus on flexibility and a vast, yet sound knowledge base, we utilize the tools necessary to build the highest efficiency, greatest performing home.

Here are some of the products we incorporate into our new homes:

  • Icynene Spray Foam Insulation
  • Vinyl frame, double pane Low-E windows
  • Techshield radiant barrier roof decking
  • High efficiency HVAC equipment
  • Third party Energy Testing
  • Energy Star appliances and light fixtures
  • LED lighting
  • Xeroscaping and water conservative landscaping
  • Natural gas driven fixtures and appliances
  • Low VOC paints and eco-friendly floor stains
  • Bath fixtures designed to reduce water consumption

Here is a short video of how foam insulation is applied against in inside of the wall cavities and under the roof decking. This is video from a past project.


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